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Norristown Men of Excellence, Inc. has provided the community with a variety of programs and events that have taken place throughout the Greater Norristown region. NMOE community based initiatives and activities aim to support the community as a whole, while promoting unity, success, growth, revitalization and a great quality of life within our municipality.


The call to action is summed up in NMOE's tagline – "Higher Standards, Higher Goals." That call to action is supported by the Board and the membership, who operate at the highest levels of integrity and respect within the community.


These men are proud of their community and proud of the accomplishments afforded to them in their lives. They recognize that while they have found success, many others within their community struggle day-to-day with social, economic, and education issues that threaten the community’s health and welfare. 


NMOE is also aware of the major improvement efforts taking place within the region and look to further expand and connect others to it. With drastic cuts in funding by municipal, state, and federal authorities for education and social programs, the need for a service organization like the NMOE is greater than ever before.


With our eyes we saw what was needed.

With our minds we thought how to feed it.

With our mouths we said let’s achieve it.

With our hearts we’ll show that we mean it.

With our souls we’ll give more than we were given.

With our arms we uplift one another.

With our hands we hold on to one another.

With our legs we’ll stand stern and take what

we’ve learned as individuals

and encourage other individuals with;

Motivation, inspiration and of course knowledge.

We have planted our feet in the mist of the weak

Which just so happens to be our community

And that's how

Norristown Men Of Excellence

Came to be.

To build a better community

Higher Standards had to be made,

With that, Higher Goals will be achieved,

With your own eyes, you all will see.


~ Desiree Cooper NAHS c/o 2000 ~


We are thankful and appreciative for our sponsors, collaborative partners and financial supporters which have helped us serve, educate, mentor, honor, promote and aide many individuals and causes throughout the years.

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