NMOE Community Sponsors & Partnerships

Your tax-deductible contributions, sponsorship and collaboration make it possible for us to carry out our mission of "promoting and supporting a healthy, vibrant and thriving community in the greater Norristown area."  We take pride in our efforts, which aim to assist the youth and families within the region, as well as support local businesses, non profits, grass root community organizations and crucial initiatives and causes. We are thankful and appreciative for our sponsors, collaborative partners and financial supporters which have helped us serve, educate, mentor, honor, promote and aide many individuals and causes throughout the years.    
As a community sponsor or partner, you have many options to support the Norristown Men of Excellence. Some include:

    Making a financial contribution, donation or providing funding matches where appropriate
    Attendance of our annual programs, events and community collaborations
    Providing resourceful, marketing or educational materials that may benefit and help grow our organization
    Spreading the word about the positive work and assistance NMOE has been able to provide
    Participate in our  10 for 10 Fundraiser below

Any and all support is welcomed as it truly helps us serve the community efficiently and effectively.  Special thanks to the many who have supported our mission and helped equip us with the tools needed to make a difference.   


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