Norristown Men of Excellence, Inc (NMOE) was founded on August 30, 2011 and incorporated on October 1, 2011.  NMOE is comprised of a group of men who are dedicated to serve the greater Norristown area.  In serving as positive male role models and citizens, NMOE strives to promote and create a thriving and successful community in every aspect of life. NMOE is made up of a diverse group of Norristown Area High School Alumni that have strong ties to the Greater Norristown community. Each individual brings a particular skill set, passion and desire to build a better tomorrow for the community and its residents.


Member's backgrounds include: Health Care, Hotel Management, Education, Social Services, Construction, Entrepreneurship, Athletics, Insurance, Fashion & Design, Information Technology, Business, Finance, Workforce Development, Youth Programming, Culinary Arts, Retail Management, Physical Fitness, Sales and Marketing.  Members were born and or were raised in Norristown, attended Norristown Schools and now reside within the greater Norristown area where they have committed themselves to the greater cause of the community.   




"Norristown Men of Excellence strives to promote and support a healthy, vibrant, and thriving community in the greater Norristown area. We will accomplish this by supporting and promoting community-based programs that encourage community engagement, economic development, youth opportunities, cultural awareness, and community health and welfare."




With our eyes we saw what was needed.
With our minds we thought how to feed it.
With our mouths we said let’s achieve it.
With our hearts we’ll show that we mean it.
With our souls we’ll give more than we were given.
With our arms we uplift one another.
With our hands we hold on to one another.
With our legs we’ll stand stern and take what
we’ve learned as individuals
and encourage other individuals with;
Motivation, inspiration and of course knowledge.
We have planted our feet in the mist of the weak
Which just so happens to be our community
And that’s how 
Norristown Men Of Excellence 

Came to be.
To build a better community
Higher Standards had to be made,
With that, Higher Goals will be achieved,
With your own eyes, you all will see.


~ Desiree Cooper NAHS c/o 2000 ~

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