Norristown Men of Excellence understands the importance of local level economic development within the community.  NMOE promotes local business and encourages residents to support them as well.  Members of NMOE participate at the local level and attend several meetings throughout the municipality.  NMOE educates residents on what is taking place and what future developments many be in progress.  NMOE encourages residents to participate in local level government as well as attend Council, Planning, School Board, Zoning and various other meetings where major decisions are being made that will affect the community as a whole.  NMOE also educate the youth on the importance of economic development and where their input will be important. 



Norristown Men of Excellence is very active in the lives of the youth...



Norristown Men of Excellence understands the importance of local level...



Norristown Men of Excellence promotes and supports it's community and...

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NMOE 10-10 Fundraiser. NMOE is asking friends, family and community members to join our efforts in uplifting the Norristown community.  Read More...

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